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Cosmetics Darphin

Darphin cosmetics is a French luxury cosmetics for consuming. It is a high quality natural cosmetics made up exactly to meet the requirements of even the most demanding women. The basic natural ingredients come from ecologically clean areas. The processing of these raw materials is carried out with the latest methods and technologies. Thanks to that Darphin cosmetics offers truly individualized care. Cosmetics Darphin's focus is not only on the skin type, but also on the climate, age, nutrition, stress and lifestyle of women.

Cosmetics Darphin is a luxury three-dimensional program of care - synergy of herbal, aromatic essential oils care and protective creams. If you are interested in cosmetics Darphin, here you can see the price list.

Intensive Mesotherapy

This cosmetic method can rejuvenate your sking a few years. A special solution that contains collagen, elastane, vitamins B1, B2, B6, amino acids, Cysteine and Proline, is injected into the middle layer of skin where collagen stimulates production of new cells. In this process the skin will stretch and straighten. In addition, increases blood circulation and lymph, thereby accelerating the regeneration. Mesotherapy is virtually painless procedure. The results will show immediately. For more lasting effect is the procedure needed several times. Except for improvements of the face, neck and decollete. It is also possible to apply this method in the treatment of cellulite. If you are interested in intensive mesotherapy, here you can see the price list.


Juvederm is the latest filler material. The unique combination of hyaluronic acid component of the anesthetic lidocaine made for it to give you even more satisfaction while minimizing pain and discomfort during treatment. Expert advice is free. Price is determined by consumption of material.

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