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Kateřina Kristelová

We wish you a good evening, we are very glad you visited our website today on Friday 28. February 2020. Our goal is to achieve your satisfaction, maximize comfort and relaxation. We offer you a relaxing effect in our sun tanning rays, rejuvenating and slimming treatments, or just advice and experience with cosmetics that we use.

If you want to ask a question, make an appointment, or just look where we are located, just click on contact and you will know everything you are interested in.

Facing our solar and cosmetic studios Pretty Sun has become a presenter and model Catherine Kristelová, which also belongs to the loyal and satisfied customers.

Mary Kay

from June free we offer cosmetic services Mary Kay consultant, every Thursday from 16.00 to 19.00, which will tell you how to care for your skin with a little make-up demonstration and introduction of new products Mary Kay on the market that can be purchased here.

Mary Kay Cosmetic products have won awards and recommendations Association makeup artists and stylists in the Czech republic.

In July and August, you'll have to open every day except Saturday.

How to find us

Upon arrival at the metro line B (station Cerny Most) go toward the concrete fountain. At the corner you will see the Czech Savings Bank ATM and at the intersection turn right. After about 100 meters you'll reach the next junction where you go left. Before you will, after about 100 meters, be a modern building - a monument, which has at its tip vane. When you walk up to it, straight ahead you will see our solar and Beauty Salon, where you are welcome.
For better orientation we attach map.



Date News
28. 10. 2014 Pre-Christmas comfort in the house.
Well-being. Yes, you read that correctly. Summer is gone, so we have to start looking forward again to something pleasant. Therefore, I prepared for you on 5-7.12. 2014 WELLNESS STAY in the pension POHODA (photo house, premises etc. can be found at ).
However, the date of the offer to abychcom only "nepohodovali" but also a "začertíkovali", I mean that we could organize "St. Nicholas party".
Price CZK 2,500 includes: accommodation, all meals (choice of 3 meals), tennis courts, beach volleyball, table tennis, gym, football field, tutor program, Santa Claus SHOW. Relaxation: whirlpool, sauna, steam bath with eucalyptus, relaxation area, massage, pedicure and beauty services.
If you are interested in this weekend, where we will gather energy at Christmas and enjoy together "Mikuldukuldu" I'm very happy.
Until November 10, 2014 Please deposit of 500 CZK. I believe that definitely go again and a great bunch of sports-pampering-Mikulášovský-joyous weekend we will enjoy at full blast.
I look forward to meeting you very much.
22. 10. 2014 Treat yourself to a luxury - an absolute novelty in eyelash extensions 100% natural, fixed lashes with the effect of 2D-8D. The strength of 0.06 mm, the lightness of feathers, the maximum density without load your own lashes. Irresistible look.
Only certified by LASH EXPERT. 100% natural certified BLINK LASH STYLIST & CARE. Resistant to moisture and water, the highest quality in ideal shape in volume eyelash extensions. Our professional team has 19 years experience in the field of cosmetic services.
1. 1. 2014 We changed the opening hours on Saturday. Now you have open on Saturday from 14.00 to 21.00. We look forward to your visit.
24. 12. 2013 We wish you a Merry Christmas and the new year 2014 all the best.
1. 12. 2013 We have prepared a series of Christmas events. You can find them on the main page or in events.
1. 7. 2013 From 1. 7. 2013 established cooperation with a qualified cosmetic consultant Ms Martina Zvirinska.
1. 6. 2013 We invite you every Thursday from 16.00 to 19.00 for a meeting with Mary Kay beauty consultant.
31. 5. 2013 At 31. 5. 2013 was terminated with a beauty salon Pretty in Podebrady under the direction of Ms. Demartini.
28. 4. 2013 We are open and the first May and 8 May always from 15.00 to 20.00
21. 12. 2012 We have the Christmas opening times.
1. 11. 2012 We have a new event. See for yourself. Click here.
31. 10. 2012 Newly we are open from 10. 11. 2012 and every Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00
10. 8. 2012 Maxibulvár already knows that Catherine Kristelová attend our solar and beauty studio Pretty Sun. Link to article:
28. 1. 2012 Catherine Kristelová mentioned on our solar and beauty studio Pretty Sun. Link to article:
25. 1. 2012 The shape of our solar and beauty salon has become a presenter and model Catherine Kristelová.
1. 1. 2012 We wish everyone a successful new year 2012.
24. 12. 2011 We wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
13. 12. 2011 We have prepared a brand new site solar and beauty studio Pretty Sun.

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