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Magic Wrap

It is a whole-body wrap, which allows quick slimming and loss of unnecessary inches. It also helps as detoxification and immediate skin improvement. Magic Wrap is more and more used by experts and doctors around the world. The customer is all wrapped in a special bandage that is saturated with a mixture of plant and mineral extracts. During wrap a man indulges in relaxation and lets extracts that enter into the dermis work. This method is absolutely flawless , so it is not limited number of sessions. However, we recommend cure to repeat 5-6 times. You will notice results after just one wrap. If you are interested in Magic Wrap, here you can see the price list.
Magic Wrap can help in many ways. Here are a few of them:

  • helps to lose excess inches, helping to treat cellulite and supports lymphatic drainage
  • improves blood circulation, regenerates the metabolism and supports slimming
  • adds to the skin vitamins and minerals, restores the skin's elasticity and strength, improves skin appearance, color, smoothness, hydration increase
  • detoxifies the body, especially liver and kidneys, strengthens the immunity system
  • increases energy, reduces fatigue, relaxes body and mind and helps in the treatment of insomnia

Lava Stone Massage

This massage is very specific. Using heated lava stones (50° C – 60° C), which are attached to selected points all over the body, possible stone massages and warming. By placing lava stones on important energy centers called chakras leads to the distribution of energy throughout the body. Massage with lava stones stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. During the massage you relax and balance your body and mind. This massage is particularly effective against headaches, back, neck, spine aches and successfully eliminates stress. After this massage you will feel like reborn . If you are interested in lava stone massage, here you can see the price list.

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